The Scottish Government has published a new report which aims to promote and enable accessibility of service across the criminal justice sector in Scotland for those with disabilities.

The Criminal Justice Disability Project: Final Report outlines 76 recommendations to help make Scotland’s justice system more readily accessible to everyone.


Reporting, Recording and Recognition

42 of the 76 recommendations were related to reporting, recording and recognition. Some of the recommendations include:


Improved Processes within the Criminal Justice System

The report outlined how processes within the criminal justice system in Scotland could be improved. The following procedures have been reviewed and enhanced:


Disability Advisory Group

A new Disability Advisory Group made up of members of organisations representing disabled
people helped assist in the development of new and improved processes.

The Criminal Justice Disability Project: Final Report was prepared to capture the progress on the range of recommendations and marked the conclusion of the landmark equality project.

Alison Atack, President of the Law Society, said: “Across the wide range of recommendations, tangible outcomes have already been delivered in areas such as awareness of hate crime, identifying premises’ physical barriers to access, improving the language and accessibility of correspondence and other materials.

“The collaborative approach taken by this project will provide an excellent foundation for this continuing work.”


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